Our Philosophy

We at Acceptance House believe that every recovering person has a responsibility to themselves and to the community not to become or remain a burden to society.

We believe that every person in recovery needs to give back what they have gotten, and our view is that no person shall sit in a bedroom and be sedentary.

Acceptance House insists that every tenant be employed within two weeks of residence or be engaged in meaningful and structured volunteer work. We are committed to assisting residents in finding employment and or directing them to those charities that need help. In addition, each resident of Acceptance House must have a sponsor and commit to attending AA/NA/CA meetings daily.

Every tenant of Acceptance House must comply with this philosophy or find another place to reside. It is our sincere hope and desire that all who pass through our doors goes on to a better life, one filled with promise, self gratification and love. We cannot accomplish these goals by isolating; we need people and there are so many people that need us.

We hope that Acceptance House will be the beacon that guides you to a bright future. Staffed by professionals who walk the walk, we are 100% dedicated to providing the means for men willing to do what it takes to change their lives and remain alcohol and drug free. Let us be a small part of your success.

12-step Accountability

The Acceptance House staff are proponents of the 12-step philosophy, believing individuals must recreate their lives on a spiritual basis to maintain lasting sobriety. As a result, our program fosters individual spiritual growth.  We do this by promoting holistic practices, 12-step accountability and supporting more traditional methods. Moreover, our managers continue a program of structure and accountability to ensure a resident’s success.

What our Residents HAVE TO SAY

I came to Acceptance House with almost everything lost in my life. I went from an successful artist to living on the streets and in jail all because of my addiction. With the help of Cody and Acceptance House I was able to piece my life back together. Now with 15 months of sobriety I’m looking to put a down payment on my own home and continue a stable good career, all while happily sober. I attribute a lot of this to the things I’ve learned here at Acceptance House and would recommend it to anyone struggling with addiction.

Brien J.California
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